Best Foot Domination - All about girls dominating slaves with their feet - Page 13

Mistress Layla loves to dominate and today she did it with her dirty feet. The mistress chose to trample as well as humiliate him and by the time she was done with him, she had managed to humiliate him in a way he had never been humiliated before. He cried but his cries of pain were not enough to make her stop. She ensured that he would never do it again.

Mistress Natasha was bored and she wanted to find a way to deal with this foot slave for her own fun. So she summoned him and she had him lick her feet as well as lick her shoes. The mistress warned him that if he did not do what she wanted, he would be trampled and so he was scared enough to do what the mistress wanted and how she wanted it.

Mistress Alisa does not do threesomes and when these girls tried to get her to have it, she politely told them that she does not do such things. But they did not want to let it go and they tried to coerce her into doing it. She got pissed and she dominated them with her feet by turning them into her foot slaves. They had to lick her feet and her socks.

Lady Luciana was not ok with this guy's perverted tendencies. She had to punish the guy for what he had done and one of the best ways for her to do that was to trample and dominate him which she did with her foot domination. He had to lick the soles of her shoes and endure being trampled besides having his nipples being squeezed by the mistress. He stopped being a pervert.

Mistress Anastasia found out that this guy was mean. She does not like mean people and when she found out that this one was, she had to humiliate him. She did this by forcing him to lick her feet which she ensured were dirty. The poor guy could not believe what he had gotten himself to and he learned never to piss her off again as he knew what would happen.

Mistress Akella and mistress BlackDiamoond wanted this slave to be humiliated so he had to lick the soles of their boots. When he was done, he thought it was all over but the truth was the mistresses were just getting started. They had him do some manual labor and warned him that he would get his balls crushed if he did not do what they wanted him to do and to do it well.

This mistress had to deal with her rude slave and she did it in a way he would never forget. The mistress was disappointed at him and she had to make sure she taught him never to be rude to her as they were not equals. She trampled him with her high heels and ensured he was in pain for him to learn from him. The punishment worked as intended.

Mistress Angelina was not about to put up with an insubordinate slave. She had to deal with him decisively and she did it by using her boots to trample him. The guy was scared shitless and he could not believe what happened to him. He could not believe that the mistress he thought to be harmless was the one jumping on his body with her boots and inflicting pain on him. He apologized and changed.

Lady Fiamma had a vote before the board and she had tried all manner of persuasive tactics to get this guy's vote but she did not get it. She was desperate as he was the decisive vote and her desperation led her to trample him and make him get scared of her so that he did what she wanted him to do and her plan, although crazy and out of desperation, worked.

This mistress loves and values her privacy but this neighbor found her life to be mysterious and he wanted to get info on her. He was nosy and he thought that he could uncover some good and juicy info about her. But she found out what he was trying to do and she warned him. When he did not stop, she used her trampling to make him stop his nonsense.

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