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When mistress Angel and her new girlfriend Lary met, she wanted to teach her about domination as she had never experienced it. It was up to her to make sure that everything worked out the way it did and that is why she foot gagged her, made her lick her feet and do other things. The girlfriend was turned on and never knew she would like being dominated and a little pain during sex.

This mistress had asked this girl to do things in an enlightened way but she did not want to do so. She was so pissed at her and she wanted to make sure that the girl learned her lesson and that she never messed with her. The mistress made sure that she cried and she begged for mercy before she was able to let her go. It worked and she never messed up again.

Mistress Lora and mistress Salma had beef with this girl and they wanted to make sure that they taught her a lesson that they were sure no one had ever taught her. The mistresses used their bare feet to humiliate her and she had no choice but to do what the mistresses wanted. It was fun for the mistresses but it was humiliating for him. However, the mistresses did not care about that.

Madam Mysteria wanted to make sure that this guy cried because he was full of shit. He acted macho and tried to act cool but in reality, he was full of shit. The mistress did not want to let him get away with it and that is why she chose to make him feel pain to the extent of crying. She achieved this by trampling him with her bare feet.

Mistress Kirstin and mistress Bridget wanted to deal with this guy in a way he would always remember. For them, that was the only way to make sure he would always respect them and fear them. So they choked him with dirty and smelly shoes. In addition, the two of them made sure that the guy was forced to eat poo as well as drink pee. That is how he changed.

Mistress Anni needed to have fun at the expense of her slave and she did it by cruelly teaching to be a foot slave. She had fun making him get scared of her and he wished that he had never met her as she had him do all manner of naughty and humiliating things. The mistress also made sure that the guy sucked her toes and was teased and denied.

When this mistress noticed that she had an aggressive girl slave, she knew it was time to do something to him. The mistress did not want anyone to be aggressive in her house whether a male or female slave. So she had to stamp out that habit from the girl slave and she did it by forcing her to lick her feet and trampling her to make sure she feared her.

Lady Shay had muddy boots and she remembered that she wanted to punish her slave. So she used her foot domination to deal with him. The mistress made sure that he licked her muddy boots clean and that he was trampled a little. The fear and humiliation he felt was exactly what the mistress wanted from him and she loved everything that she saw from the slave. He did everything in his power not to anger her.

Mistress Rada felt that these naked girls needed to be punished and that is why they had to be punished. The mistress had the them lick her feet as well as lick each other's feet before she trampled them and punished them with her high heels. The girls could not believe what they were being made to do and they regretted their actions but they could not do anything about it.

Mistress Pamela was not going to condone any of her slave's insubordinate behaviors. She felt that he had to change and since he did not want to do it on his own, she assisted him to do it. The mistress trampled him and used his face as a foot rest. He was also forced to lick the dead skin she filed from her feet as well as her nail clippings.

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