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Goddess Nika had instructed this gardener on how to tend to her garden but he did not do it. He thought he knew best but he ended up making a blunder because he had ignored her instructions. She was pissed and she sought to remedy the situation by trampling as well as stomping on him. He did not know she knew what he did but after the punishment, he changed.

Goddess Chanel had never had her feet and her heels licked. But she was determined to do it today so she baited this guy with her sexy body. He took the bait hook line and sinker. She then sat back and she watched as he tried to please her by licking her bare feet and then moving on to her high heels. It felt greater than the mistress had imagined it would.

Lady Melody felt that her boyfriend was misusing her. He was taking advantage of her good-natured ways to make her do things for him that she had no business doing. He found a way to make it look like he needed her help and that way, he could sit back and watch as she did it all for him. She got fed up today and she trampled him to send a message that enough was enough.

Mistress BlackDiamoond did not like how lazy her husband's valet was. He had to know the consequences of being lazy and since her husband did not know how to admonish and punish slaves and domestic workers, she did it herself. The mistress did this by using her best foot domination fetish to punish them. So she did it by using her feet and her shoes to punish the valet accordingly.

Mistress Gaia was inducting this new employee and she did not like how slow he was. She did not want him to mess up so she felt that the best way to make him do things as quickly as she wanted was to make sure he was humiliated. If it became personal, he would find a way to remember what she wanted and what she did to him. So she humiliated him and it worked.

Goddess Nika did not like the attention she got from her neighbor. He was always trying to seduce her but she did not want him to continue doing it. So to put an end to it, she chose to use her smelly clogs to do it. She invited him to her house and he went gleefully. But his glee was short-lived as she turned him into a shoe licked and he had to lick her clogs and do humiliating things. He never bothered her again.

This guy was too vulgar and this mistress was not going to allow it to happen near her. She got him to go to her car and she pulled him closer to her and she had him lick her soles. She even threatened to crush his balls if he would not lick her dirty soles. The mistress then warned him never to be that vulgar again if he did not want another punishment.

This guy was behind the rumor mongering that was going on about mistress BlackDiamoond and she did not like it. She had to make sure things changed and that is why she chose to hunt him down. He had fled to the woods when he realized she was looking for him. But she found him there and she trampled him and also kicked him in the nuts as he cried like a baby and asked for forgiveness.

Mistress Zora likes to have her way all the time. But this guy stood between her and her having her way. She was not going to allow him to challenge her like that. She sat down and came up with a plan. She could tell he could not handle pain very well so she used her high heels to trample him and she made sure it was very painful and he begged her for mercy and let her have her way.

Mistress Nica wanted to teach her slave a lesson she felt he should have been taught a long time ago. The mistress forced the guy to lick her boots and do it on the soles. They were dirty but she did not give a fuck. All she wanted was his obedience and if he did not cooperate, she was ready to use the same boots to trample and stomp on him.

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