Best Foot Domination - All about girls dominating slaves with their feet - Page 41

Mistress Gabriela felt that this slave was careless as he had misplaced he favorite sneakers. She did not have a lot of time to wait for him to look for them and so she trampled and humiliated him. He was turned into a foot slave and had to endure foot domination before she went and left him looking for it. But he learned an important lesson and he discovered how be organized.

This slave lived in an untidy place and the mistress did not want that to be the case. So she trampled and crushed his face with her bare feet besides making him lick and smell her shoes. She warned him that if he did not address his untidiness, she would have a big problem with him and he should not blame her for what she would do in that scenario.

Lady Rockabella was not happy with how her business partner handled his side of things. She did hers perfectly but he did not do his bit. Their business depended on everything working perfectly so she punished him for it and she turned him into her foot slave. He had to realize that if he did not do his best as he was supposed to, the business would not work and she was not about to let that happen.

This mistress discovered that this girl had been impersonating her and she was not pleased at all. She felt that she had to teach the girl a lesson and she did using her heels. She stomped the girl while she lay on the ground. And the mistress did not care how painful it was for her. All that mattered to her was that she learned a painful lesson and that she stopped impersonating her.

Goddess Fiona did not want to deal with a clueless loser and this guy was one. He wanted them to do business together but he did not bring anything to the table. She told him off politely but he did not seem to understand her and she was so pissed at him that she felt the best way to handle it was to trample him and make him her foot slave.

Mistress Alina does not take it kindly when someone badmouths her and this guy. So she chose to trample and degrade him so that he learned never to do that to anyone else. The mistress threw him on the floor and she jumped and stomped him for fun. She even turned his body into a stage and she danced on top of him despite how painful it was for him.

This mistress badly needed something to play with but since she did not have the money to buy the kind of toy she needed, she had to make do with what she had at the moment. And that was when she came up with the idea of using her slave as her play thing. She had fun dominating him and having him lick her heels, suck her toes and do just about anything she asked.

Mistress Fiona was not about to fuck this guy. So she gave him instructions to do what she wanted. He thought she was interested in fucking so he did as she said including stripping naked, licking her feet, her shoes and eventually fucking her bare feet. When he was done, she told him he had done enough fucking for one day and if he wanted to continue, he could do it with his own hands.

This guy was rude and mistress Ambra did not want to be associated with him whatsoever as he did not listen to anyone especially when he was told to change. The mistress ignored him until he was rude to her. She had had enough and she punished him to make him change. And she did it with her sneakers which he also had to lick as clean as she wanted them licked.

Mistress Gabriela wanted her slave to learn that messing with her was not in his best interests. So she did what the slave had never imagined was even possible. She took a used condom and she emptied its contents on her feet and she forced the slave to lick her feet and in so doing, lick all of the cum on her feet. He was disgusted but he did it.

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