Best Foot Domination - All about girls dominating slaves with their feet - Page 18

Mistress Enola was shocked when her boyfriend forgot her name. The mistress felt he did not value her enough to the extent that he could easily forget her name. Mistress Enola was filled with rage when he tried to have sex with her so that she could calm down and she trampled him with her bare feet and nearly tore his mouth apart as she shoved her foot into it.

Lady Jane pulled the car over and she dominated her boyfriend because while she was busy driving, he was busy checking out girls. He did not even do it subtly and that is what pissed her off. She pulled over and she punished him by making him lick her shoes as well as her feet before she slapped him and got him back into the car. He did not do it again.

Mistress Nica caught this guy near her stable and she did not know what he wanted to do there. She was so suspicious of him since she had never seen him before and his stories were not adding up. So she ran after him and caught him with the help of her friend and the two of them took him to the stable where they beat his ass and trampled his balls until he told the the truth.

This mistress was interested in finding out how obedient her new slave was so she asked him to lick the soles of her high heels. He was shocked at the request but when he looked at her, he could tell she was serious so he knew he was cornered and licking the dirty soles was the easiest way out. She knew there would be consequences to not licking the soles.

Mistress Nica wanted her sole to be humiliated as she had never humiliated him before. She sat a comfortable chair on her backyard and she took a cigarette, lit it and she enjoyed smoking as she made him lick the soles of her boots. He was in pain and he was humiliated but she did not care. She even went ahead to spit on him to show her disgust at his behavior.

This mistress was at the end of her patience with this slave and she was just waiting for the last straw to break and it did not take long for it to break. She then trampled his duck and his balls to punish and humiliate him. He was in a lot of pain and he regretted what he had done that led to his punishment. But it was too late and he had to face the consequences.

This mistress had given this girl a chance when no one else would. And she actually realized why she could not hold a job longer than a few days. She was always chronically late but since she wanted to help her, she chose to trample her and get her to change other than firing her which was the easiest thing to do. The girl was made to learn her lesson and change.

This guy misjudged mistress Iside and that is why it was a huge shock for him when she punished him and she did it so cruelly that he cried. He begged her for mercy but the mistress ignored him and went on dominating him. He had to endure the pain and the humiliation she subjected him to and went to nurse his wounds when she was done with him after a few hours.

This loser had messed with the wrong mistress as he came to find out. He had thought he could do it and easily get away with it but it came to haunt him later when she used her high heels to trample him. And on top of the massive pain he felt, she also whipped him for good measure. Needless to say, he never angered the mistress again as he knew what to expect.

Goddess Andova felt that her slave's forgetfulness was because he did not care and he was irresponsible. And she felt that she could make him change so she used her high heels to trample him all over. The pain he felt was out of this world but it was what he needed to make the necessary changes to stop being forgetful about everything he was told. He was made more responsible by the mistress.

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