Best Foot Domination - All about girls dominating slaves with their feet - Page 18

Mistress Zora felt that this guy was nonsensical and she did not take him seriously at all. In fact, instead of what she had planned to do with him, the mistress changed his mind and she chose to humiliate him for fun. And she did this with her best foot domination. And she had him lick her feet and smell her sneakers after he was told that she had a foot fetish and she got turned on when he did those things. But it did not materialize.

Lady Scarlet did not want her boyfriend to initiate sex so she kept him with her smelly socks when she came from the gym. The idea was to make him be grossed out and not be turned on or think of sex at all. The plan worked as intended and the mistress was able to get the time to herself that she wanted and she went to take a shower and rest.

Mistress Natasha asked her slave to lick her wooden flip flops to both humiliate him and scare him. The humiliation came from his licking of them and the scare came from the fact that she told him she would use the same wooden flip flops to crush his balls. He was scared and begged her not to do it and she told him if he behaved well she would not but if he misbehaved, she would have to.

When these mistresses realized that this guy was peeping on them instead of doing the work that they had given him, they were pissed and they felt that the best thing to do to him was to trample and humiliate him which they did without thinking twice. They made him a foot slave and dominated him like never before. The guy was trampled and made to lick their soles as well.

Mistress Iside had bestowed a lot of honor and provilege on this guy but he abused it all and he did things which not only angered her but also pissed her off. The mistress chose to dominate him with her feet and she taught him a lesson he had never been taught in a long time. And that is how he knew his days were numbered if he did not change.

Mistress Enola had an unreliable husband and she used her foot domination to dominate and humiliate him. The mistress laughed at the guy as he tried to beg her to stop. In addition, the mistress went out of her way to humiliate him in public whenever he did something wrong. Today he was unreliable and so she sued her socks to make him regret his choices and to make amends.

Lady Stefanie wanted her feet to be licked and so she had this slave do so. She did not give him the alternative to refuse what she did. He had no choice but to do what the mistress had asked him to do. And as he licked her feet and sucked her toes, he realized that he could be a much better version of himself so he went ahead and he changed.

Goddess Kiffa had smelly feet and she knew that they were perfect for what she wanted to do to this slave. She used them to trample him but that was not all. The mistress also wanted her feet to be licked and they were. In addition, the mistress, had him lick the soles of her flip flops before she was done with him. The mistress loved the fact that he told her he had learned his lesson.

Mistress Alice loves to humiliate and she did it with her bare feet to this girl because she was a snob. The mistress had the girl lick her feet which she ensured were dirty for that purpose before she warned her of further humiliation if nothing changed. The mistress got scared and promised mistress Alice that he would change and do it immediately. She kept her promise to avoid humiliation.

Madame Carla loves to dominate people and she did it to this guy using her foot fetish. The mistress dominated the guy and she used her sweaty feet to torture him. The mistress had help from her friend to humiliate him. He was scared of the two of them and he knew that he had to cooperate with them in order to avoid being humiliated any further by the mistresses.

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