Best Foot Domination - All about girls dominating slaves with their feet - Page 3

Madam Mysteria wanted to make sure that this guy cried because he was full of shit. He acted macho and tried to act cool but in reality, he was full of shit. The mistress did not want to let him get away with it and that is why she chose to make him feel pain to the extent of crying. She achieved this by trampling him with her bare feet.

This guy had wronged mistress Cloe. She did not want to let him off the hook easily as it would send a wrong message to him and she did not want that to be the case. That is why the mistress opted to cruelly force the guy to eat her shit as well as to drink her pee. At first, the guy thought that the mistress was joking but he soon realized that she was not.

Mistress Kirstin and mistress Bridget wanted to deal with this guy in a way he would always remember. For them, that was the only way to make sure he would always respect them and fear them. So they choked him with dirty and smelly shoes. In addition, the two of them made sure that the guy was forced to eat poo as well as drink pee. That is how he changed.

Mistress CatDeluxe was in the same group with this guy but he was bringing the team down by constantly messing up. She was not going to sit back and let him get away with it. That is why she had to cruelly torture him as well as force him to do things that he needed to do. The mistress used her feet as weapons to punish him and it worked.

Mistress Cloe needed to dominate this guy because he was naked. She did it without caring what he felt. She wanted to make sure that he would not be tempted to do what he had done and that is why her punishment of him was very severe. She made sure that he was in a lot of pain so that he never forgot and messed up again. The punishment worked.

Lady Victoria was out to cause some damage on this guy. She wanted to make sure that he learned his lesson in a way that he would not forget. That is why she had to make him lick her feet as well as her socks besides trampling him. He wished that he had never met her as he had never experienced such humiliation before in his life. He ran away when he got the chance.

Mistress Anni needed to have fun at the expense of her slave and she did it by cruelly teaching to be a foot slave. She had fun making him get scared of her and he wished that he had never met her as she had him do all manner of naughty and humiliating things. The mistress also made sure that the guy sucked her toes and was teased and denied.

Goddess Mia has a new slave and she wanted to dominate him in a way she had never done before. She did not want to continue entertaining him and being lenient to him. He had assumed that she was harmless but he was shocked that she was not. He was made to lick the soles of her boots as well as her bare feet. He even had to chew her socks.

Goddess Gabriella was not in the mood to argue with this guy and she felt that the best way to deal with him was to have him lick her dirty feet. It was also to shut him up and he got the message and he did not bother her at all. The guy knew never to argue with her as he knew what she was capable of doing to him.

Mistress Clarissa had an underperforming boyfriend and she did not want to let him think it was ok for him to continue doing that. The mistress had to make him realize that she would not entertain such an attitude and ethic in their house. So she had him lick her feet to send a message that if he did not improve and change his work ethic and attitude, he would be shown the door.

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