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Mistress Dula is the kind of person who likes to do things her way. Today the mistress wanted to put this guy in his place and to express herself in a way she had not done before. The mistress made sure that she trampled and stomped this guy with her bare feet and she even asked her friend to help her do it. It worked out the way she wanted.

Mistress Dula had to try a new way of dealing with this loser. She was fed up with the way she had been relating with him as she did not see any improvement. So she had to try a new way to dominate him. She chose to use her feet to do it and she did it. It was brutal and humiliating but at the same time it worked as she wanted it to.

Mistress Dula found this slave bored and she wanted to help him to stay active. So she came up with a way to do it and it was interesting for him. He had assumed that it would be but he was shocked to realize that she was doing it for her own fun. She used foot domination to do it and it was fun for her but not for him. He had to lick dirty feet and shoes.

Mistress Dula and her friends lined up their boyfriends and they trampled them because they had dad bods. The mistresses did not find those funny or interesting and so they had to make them as a collective to start working out the same way they did. The mistresses were all in shape and they wanted their men to also be. They had no choice after the domination they were subjected to.

Mistress Dula wanted to find out how well her slave could lick her shoes. So she asked him to lick the soles of her boots and she had her friend judge the performance and rank him as she did not want to be biased. They then compared notes on how he performed. They were both shocked that they gave the slave the same score. He did it better than they expected.

Mistress Dula and her friends had not met in a long time and she did not want that to go on. She felt that she had to host an event for them. It had to be fun and since most of them were sadists, they chose to dominate a guy for fun. So she organized for a foot domination of this loser and the mistresses had a great time bonding over that.

Mistress Dula knows how to dominate and she does it in a way that this slave had never had it done to him again. The mistress was wearing her lingerie and she used it to tease the guy. He thought she was into her until she turned on him and made him lick her feet. He was her foot slave for some time before she let him go. He was humiliated like never before.

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