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This mistress is hot. But she knows that it is her tits which usually make guys drool over her and want to nail her. And when she got an interest from this guy who seemed horny, she knew he just wanted sex. But she did not. However, she played him and humiliated him for her own fun. And she did it by trampling him with her bare feet and had him lick her feet after lying to him that those things turned her on.

Mistress Khali does not like anal sex and she told her boyfriend as much. But today he asked her for it and she was pissed at him to the point that she slapped him and she trampled him so that he did not try to do that again or even to ask her about it again. She told him to go and find someone else who could do that if it was that important to him.

Lady Jane pulled the car over and she dominated her boyfriend because while she was busy driving, he was busy checking out girls. He did not even do it subtly and that is what pissed her off. She pulled over and she punished him by making him lick her shoes as well as her feet before she slapped him and got him back into the car. He did not do it again.

This mistress was interested in finding out how obedient her new slave was so she asked him to lick the soles of her high heels. He was shocked at the request but when he looked at her, he could tell she was serious so he knew he was cornered and licking the dirty soles was the easiest way out. She knew there would be consequences to not licking the soles.

Goddess Katrina loves to scare and she did not miss a chance to do it today and she made this guy pee his pants when she lied to him that she was going to choke him with her stinky and sweaty socks. She started to remove them and move close to him and he cried and begged her not to do it. She only stopped because he peed on himself.

Mistress Iside and her friend were broke and needed to make some urgent cash. They turned to these two guys who were loaded but they were sissies. So they scared the shit out of them using best foot domination and when the guys got scared of the mistresses, they bought their freedom using money and that is how the mistresses got the money they wanted. It was a win-win for all of them.

These guys had tried to trick these mistresses in order to sleep with them but it did not work out as the mistresses were smarter than the guys gave them credit for. And they were more than that. They were crazy and kinky too so they took the guys to their torture chambers and warned them to cooperate or else they would have all the tools and paraphernalia in the chambers used on them. They humbled themselves and licked the mistresses feet despite them being dirty and they were allowed to go.

Mistress Roberta did not want an employee who did not deliver results because he was now a burden to the company. She did not want that to go on and she gave him an ultimatum which he had to meet. And she made sure he understood her by trampling and crushing his face with her bare feet. And she warned him that if he did not change, he would only have himself to blame.

Mistress Mayhem had beef with this guy and she had to dominate him to teach him a lesson. He had to know that she was not someone to mess with. So she used her ass to smother and crush him. It was also a way to show him how little she thought of him and how he was a nobody to her. He was humiliated and got the message she was sending.

This mistress had always wanted to have naughty fun with her friend so she enticed her with a game. She won the game and as per the agreement, she had to make her friend do what she wanted. She asked her friend to lick her feet and her friend did. She gave her instructions on how to do it and it slowly turned sensuous and it was a turn on for both of them and that is how they both tried girl on girl action.

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