Best Foot Domination - All about girls dominating slaves with their feet - Page 5

Mistress Roxana had beef with her ex and instead of him being mature enough for them to resolve the issue, he became petty and she had to punish him for it. That is why she opted to force him to lick her feet as well as to smell her sweaty socks. He was shocked at that as she had never done that to him before. But he stopped acting childish.

Lady Scarlet and her friends realized that their husbands had mistresses and they needed to make it stop. They had to punish them and so she led them in torturing them with foot gagging fetish. The guys did not expect it and were not only shocked, but they were also scared. They learned their lesson and they stopped it as they feared what would happen to them if they did not.

Mistress Salma had dirty feet and she wanted them to be licked clean. She asked her slave to do it but she did not want to do it. So the mistress told him that since she had been asked and she had refused, now she was being ordered and she had no choice. So she did what the mistress asked and licked her dirty feet and had them be as clean as possible.

Lady Sofia and her friend mistress Nemesis wanted to put these losers in their place. They told the losers that they were not in the same level or league but the losers did not want to hear that and tried to force things. But the mistresses would have none of it and they made them lick their feet and pamper them by rubbing them before they were done with the losers.

Mistress Natasha came home with dirty high heel soles and she used them to dominate this guy. The mistress forced the guy to lick her soles after she had threatened to trample and crush the shit out of him. He did not want to endure all of that pain so he did the easiest thing in the circumstances which was to lick the soles of her high heels as she had ordered.

Mistress Jenny had never let her slaves know her well. She always ensured that she was unpredictable so that they would not try to figure her out. But it had gotten to a point that they had started to take things for granted and that did not go down well with her. She had to scare them and she did it wit her best foot domination by forcing them to lick her smelly feet.

Goddess Sheila knew her girlfriend loved hardcore and rough fun. They did not do it often because they knew it would be boring if they did so. So it was something they did on special occasions to preserve its specialty. Today she surprised her girl by tying her and then roughing her up a little using foot domination fetish. Her girlfriend had to lick her feet before they went down to licking each other and having multiple orgasms.

Lady Nora is the kind of person who likes to scare people because she likes them to fear her. She knows she can get them to do a lot for her if they fear and so she always makes them scared. Today she did that using her feet as she described all that she was going to make this loser feel by dominating him with her feet. He got scared even before she was done with him.

Mistress Gaia does not have time for lazy slaves and when she noticed that her new slave was, she had to make him stop that habit. The mistress did this by gagging him with her feet and then crushing his balls with the same feet. She then let the pain and the humiliation of it all do the work for her. He was never late again after what she did to him.

Mistress Nicole and mistress Kira had a new member of their group and as they initiated her into their group, they did so using their foot domination fetish. The mistresses ensured that she licked their feet as well as sucked their toes when they were dirty. She never expected it to be that intense and humiliating but when it was over, she was a bonafide member of their group and she loved it.

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