Best Foot Domination - All about girls dominating slaves with their feet - Page 74

Madame Marissa loves to dominate and humiliate guys for fun. Tat is what she did today to her slave girl. She had recruited a slave girl instead of a male slave because she had had male slaves for ages and she wanted the experience of a girl slave. So the mistress enjoyed directing the girl to do cruel things to herself and today she made her lick her shoes and her feet.

Mistress Dana wanted to financially dominate this loser so she wore her sexy lingerie and she teased this guy. The only thing she wanted him to touch was her feet and she dangled them in front of her. She told him she got turned on by him licking her feet and he did it. But the mistress used that chance to get control of him and dominate him financially before making him jerk off.

Mistress Sabrina has gorgeous feet and she loves to tease with them. She lied to this guy that she could make him cum just with her feet. The mistress told him that her soft feet would rub his dick and make him nut in seconds. The guy was excited and he swallowed the bait. She told him to prepare her feet by licking them and he did it and even rubbed them.

Mistress Elsi adores her feet and when she wants to humiliate someone, she makes him or her lick her feet. And if she is really pissed, like today, she makes sure he does the same to her high heels and especially the soles. She humiliated this loser and while he licked her shoes and feet, she chatted with her friends and had a good time. He regretted pissing her off.

Mistress Fox messed with this guy from the internet for fun when she was bored but he thought she had a thing for him and he wanted to go to her house. She did not feel the same way about him but to make him stop bothering her, she chose to let him go to her house. While there, she humiliated him cruelly. She forced him to lick her high heels and her feet as well as rub them.

Mistress Emmy had walked for long during the day and when she got home she was very tired. She wanted to relax and read a book and that is why she called her slave and she asked him to rub her feet. He did it sensuously as she relaxed and enjoyed it. She also got her feet licked and her toes sucked. She did not even finish what she was reading as she slept.

Lady Stefanie has a fetish for dominating guys using her bare feet. She is a hot mistress so she always has admirers and guys who want to hang out with her. She is good at teasing and flirting hence she never lacks guys to humiliate. Today she made this lick her feet and endure being trampled all over his body and to make it even more challenging for him and fun for her, she asked him to jerk off as she trampled him.

When it comes to dominating losers, mistress Suzy is one of the best in the business. She loves to use her sexy body to do it. She loves to do that because it confuses the guys and makes them get turned on. They also lose their focus from what she is about to do to them and catches them by surprise as she humiliates them. She showed off her ass and tits to this guy and trampled him. She enjoyed watching how conflicted he was between concentrating on the punishment and looking at her ass and tits.

Princess Mimi did not like how boring her boyfriend was. She wanted him to be adventurous and to try fun things. When he did not do as she asked him, she made him do it by tying him to the bed and then making him smell her shoes and her socks. She also spat on him. The mistress then asked him whether he wanted to be adventurous or he would be her plaything. He chose to be adventurous.

Princess Serena was bored in the house. She wanted to have a little bit of fun and she settled on best foot domination to do it. She summoned her slave and she asked him to lick her soles. She did not need a reason to humiliate him as being her slave and her wanting to do it were enough reasons to do what she wanted. She enjoyed watching how he carried out her instructions.

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