Best Foot Domination - All about girls dominating slaves with their feet

Lady Iveta felt that this guy was too much for her and she wanted to humiliate him. She did not like that and she felt that it was important for her to use a method that would scare the shit out of him. That is why she had to use best foot domination to do it. It was worth her time and she loved it. And she got what she wanted.

Goddess Leta needed her money back from this guy but the guy did not want to give it to her. So she had to come up with something to do in order to get her money back. She had tried to get it back the easy way but it did not work out that way. So she had to do it the hard way and that is why she chose to use best foot domination to do it.

Goddess Kira was out to foot dominate and she had to do it in a way no one else would. That is why she chose to use her foot domination to get the guy to lick her feet as well as the soles of her boots. The mistress was interested in stomping the guy as well as having him lick the soles of her dirty feet. He had no choice but to do it.

Lady Nataly loves to dominate people and today was no different. She wanted to humiliate the guy and she did it without any care in the world. She felt like it and she had to do it. The mistress chose to use her best foot domination fetish to teach the guy a lesson and she did it the best way she knew how. The mistress used her high heels to do it.

When mistress Angel and her new girlfriend Lary met, she wanted to teach her about domination as she had never experienced it. It was up to her to make sure that everything worked out the way it did and that is why she foot gagged her, made her lick her feet and do other things. The girlfriend was turned on and never knew she would like being dominated and a little pain during sex.

Mistress Madita was angry at these slaves and she wanted them to learn a lesson and do things the way she wanted. She did not want to keep repeating herself and that is why she opted to trample them and also to make them lick her boots clean. She sat back and supervised as they licked her high heels before she went ahead to trample the crap out of them.

Goddess Kira needed to find a way to pass a message to this guy and she felt that the best way for her was to trample the shit out of this guy. So she wore her high heels and when he showed up, she had him lick the shoes before she turned to trampling him with the same high heels. It was cruel and painful but he deserved it and could not do anything about it.

Goddess Leta had a lot of anger from her breakup but she had tried to keep it cool. However, her ex tried to go to her house to talk things over and she was not ok with it. She was so pissed that she took out her anger on him. The mistress made sure that he ex was trampled and crushed and she surprisingly felt better as she did so.

Lady Scarlet wanted to punish this girl and she did it without caring what the girl felt. She used her foot domination fetish to do it and the girl had to feel both pain as well as humiliation. The mistress did not waste any time in doing so and she managed to get the girl to agree to make the kind of changes that the mistress wanted to be made.

This mistress had asked this girl to do things in an enlightened way but she did not want to do so. She was so pissed at her and she wanted to make sure that the girl learned her lesson and that she never messed with her. The mistress made sure that she cried and she begged for mercy before she was able to let her go. It worked and she never messed up again.

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