Best Foot Domination - All about girls dominating slaves with their feet - Page 25

Mistress Esme wanted to treat her friends to some foot pampering and they thought that it entailed going to the spa. But she invited them to her house and when they got there, they found some losers she had brought. They were turned into foot slaves and licked and massaged the feet of the mistresses and did all the mistresses asked them to do. They mistresses were skimpily dressed and their thighs, asses and tits were visible. It was motivation for the losers.

Madame Marissa found out that her friend loved to backbite and she was a victim of it. She did not like that very much and had to do something about it. That is why she chose to use her foot domination to humiliate him and to get him to realize that he could not go on backbiting people whether they were friends or not. It was not a good thing.

This mistress had a gossiping neighbor and she did not want to let her continue that habit. She wanted to add the mistress and her friends into her group of gossipers but they did not want so they ganged up and trampled as well as humiliated her until she learned never to try and get them into her nonsensical plans. She never did and she in fact stopped being a gossiper.

Mistress Gaia is the kind of person who can make anything sound or look threatening. Today the mistress used her bare feet as a weapon to dominate this girl. The mistress got the girl to lick her feet and when she was done, the mistress used the same feet to gag her and to trample her. She learned her lesson the hard way and never messed with her again as she knew what would happen.

Mistress Jardena wanted to dominate this customer because he was unruly and he did not do things the way the mistress expected him to. She was disappointed in him and had to make sure he learned that he had to uphold his end of the bargain even as he demanded good service and wanted value for his money. He had to lick her bare feet as well as her high heels.

When it comes to dominating and humiliating people, this mistress is good at it and she does not hesitate to do it when she needs to. Today the mistress made this loser lick the soles of her boots while she sat down and she supervised what he did. He was also asked to play with his dick and he did not want to but he knew he had no say in the matter.

Mistress Iside did not know much about her new slave and she had to find a way to get to know more about him. The first thing that she tried was to test him using something humiliating. The mistress asked him to lick her boots and the slave was shocked but when he looked at her, he knew she was dead serious and he obeyed. She smiled knowing he was an obedient slave.

Mistress Blackcat wanted to trample and humiliate this slave so the first thing she did to him was to make him strip naked. When he was done, she turned to him and she forced him to kneel and she kicked his balls and trampled his dick. Thereafter, she made him lick her boots and he did it including the soles. That is when he knew he had to learn to avoid her so as to avoid being humiliated.

Mistress Alexa had no beef with this guy. In fact, she hardly knew him. What she wanted was to trample him for her own fun and that is what she did after she teased him and got him to think she was interested in him only for her to get a small excuse and use it to dominate and trample him. He wished he had never met her but it was too late.

Mistress Natasha caught her boyfriend doing something she had asked him not to do and while it pissed her off, it was not a big deal to her but since she wanted to have fun at his expense, she chose to make him think that she was so pissed at him that she had to humiliate him as punishment. That is how he pleaded for forgiveness as she trampled him and had him lick her feet and her heels.

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