Best Foot Domination - All about girls dominating slaves with their feet - Page 4

Mistress CatDeluxe needed to try things she had never tried out before. When her friends madame Svea, lady Stefanie and mistress Reell visited her, she sold them the idea and they also liked it and wanted to do it with her. They tried foot fetish and also socks fetish. It was fun as they used their feet to do it and looked forward to using it to humiliate and dominate slaves and losers.

Lady Layla was shocked to find out that there were rumors about her flying around. She was so pissed at this guy and she had to make sure that she taught him a lesson that he would not forget. She used her boots to trample him all over from her head, boobs to her feet. The girl, who was tied up, peed herself as she was being trampled and punished.

Mistress Darcia needed this electrician to redo the work he had done. She was not impressed with his work and she made that clear to him. He had the guts to ask her for more money but she trampled him to make it known to him that he would redo it and she would not add even a single cent as he was the one who had done a shoddy job to begin with.

Princess Isabella was interested in dominating this guy to demand respect because she felt that he did not respect her. She did not want to beg or wait for him to respect her. That is why she had to do what she did which was to turn him into a foot slave before he learned his lesson. The guy regretted why he had disrespected her and he never did it again.

This guy thought that mistress Anni was harmless. But she was not as he came to find out. The mistress cruelly tortured him and taught him a lesson. The mistress had him watch as she took off her shoes and then made him lick and smell her socks. They were stinky but that was the whole point. He had to do it all and there was no alternative for him.

Goddess Gabriella did not want her uncle to mess with her. She was disgusted by him trying to hit on her and she had to make sure he stopped and that he would not do it again. That is why she gagged him with her foot and she made him lick her dirty soles. The humiliation and domination was meant to humiliate him and make sure he never repeated his mistake.

Goddess Mia was not ok with how much this girl gossiped. She had to make him stop and she did it by cruelly humiliating him with her smelly feet. The girl was shocked at what the mistress did to her and she regretted why she had messed with her. The mistress laughed at her and made sure that she licked and smelled the sneakers before she let her go. It served her right.

Mistress Morrigan wanted to teach this guy to jerk off as she felt pity for him. She did not think that he would know what to do and so she had him do it the way she instructed him. He was turned on after seeing how she was dressed and how she showed him her hot ass and some cleavage. He then followed her instructions and had a great orgasm.

Lady Penelope was shocked to learn that her slave had bad breath. She did not want anyone in her house to have poor oral hygiene. That is why she chose to dominate the guy in a cruel manner. The mistress had to make sure that he was degraded and humiliated to the extent that he would never want to repeat his mistake. That is what happened and he learned his lesson.

Lady Scarlet values her time and when she notices that someone is wasting her time, she has to punish them for it. That is what this guy did not know about her and he regretted it when she punished him for his time wasting. The mistress sat down and watched as well as supervised as he licked her sneakers. She also invited a friend to do the same to the guy.

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