Best Foot Domination - All about girls dominating slaves with their feet - Page 166

The Dark Mistress enters the hutch and sees one of her slaves doing its duties not as he was told to - she decides to penalize him by trampling him with her sexy black riding boots. She drops him on the ground over her knee and puts her dirty shoes right in his face.

Mistress Lydie took her slave to a beautiful coastline. She sits down on a low tree and presents her black leather boots to her slave. She orders him to lick the dirt from her boot's soles and so he does. She isn't satisfied until every little spot of her boots looks new and shiny again.

Anina is a model and used to be treated like a real goddess. This loser adores her so much he licks her dirty sneakers clean, smells the stinky socks she wore all day long and even kisses her sweaty feet while she's chatting with a friend on the phone and ignores him!

The sadistic sisters Layla and Jane simply love to trample and torture males and prepared this guy by binding his legs and arms so he can't move. They're both wearing high heel boots and start to trample him without a single sign of mercy. They even trample and kick him at the same time, dig their hard boot heels into his weak flesh and whip him over and over again.

Mistress Maria is one of the most cruel dominatrices I have ever seen. In this clip she has her pussy slave laying on the ground while she walks and tramples all over him with her very high heeled boots on. Her sharp heels are boring into his skin and leaves red marks - she finds this really amusing.

Mistress Puma Girly is frustrated and angry. She spontaneously decides to get quit of her stress by punishing her slave. So he is commanded to bend over while she starts to kick and bust his balls with her sexy black boots several times.

Mistress Sue sits on a sofa. Her slave lays down besides her sexy shoes. She first makes him lick the dirt off her shoe-soles. After that she slips out of those shoes to press them right on his nose making him smell her woman scent. After that she rubs her stinky sweaty feet on his face and commands him to lick und suck the dirt off her bare soles...

Lady Deluxe and her girlfriend are making a short trip outside in the park. They have their slave leashed like a dog and make him crawl besides them on his knees and hands. They force him to lick their white boots and laugh at him as he obey them and does whatever they want...

Mistress Samira, Lady Sandra and Lady Sabine are having a lot of fun humiliating their slave. They all trample him at the same time with their full body weight. The slave can't do anything against it and takes all the degradation even as one girl stands on his face with her entire weight!!!

Mistress Katja and her girlfriend are sitting on a sofa. Katja has told her girlfriend many times about you and your slave being - so she wants to introduce you. Her girlfriend is surprised, she has never seen a real slave. You have to worship them both by kissing, licking and sucking their dirty shoes clean...

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