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Mistress Isis did not like how this guy ignored her calls. She knew he had ignored them since she had texted him about it and he had read the texts but did not bother to reply either. She went to where he was and she used her trampling fetish and foot domination to torture him. The mistress crushed his head and trampled him before she choked him with her hands over his mouth to make sure it never happened again.

Mistress Khali had an assistant she did not like because he was stubborn. She had to make him realize she was not going to let him get away with being stubborn and she used her foot domination to punish him and to put him in his place. He learned his lesson the hard way and he changed. He was never stubborn as he knew what she was capable of having crushed his head and trampled his neck.

These guys had tried to trick these mistresses in order to sleep with them but it did not work out as the mistresses were smarter than the guys gave them credit for. And they were more than that. They were crazy and kinky too so they took the guys to their torture chambers and warned them to cooperate or else they would have all the tools and paraphernalia in the chambers used on them. They humbled themselves and licked the mistresses feet despite them being dirty and they were allowed to go.

Mistress Alexandra used her ball crushing fetish to dominate and humiliate this loser for fun. She felt that he was a pain in the ass and she had to take care of him. She did this by teasing him with her tits and then using her bare feet to trample and crush his balls and his dick. She also had his balls tied with a string which she pulled to make it painful.

Mistress Roberta did not want an employee who did not deliver results because he was now a burden to the company. She did not want that to go on and she gave him an ultimatum which he had to meet. And she made sure he understood her by trampling and crushing his face with her bare feet. And she warned him that if he did not change, he would only have himself to blame.

Princess Quinn does not like small dicks and this guy had a small one. She knew she had to crush it to send a message to him that she was not interested in it and that he had to find someone interested in a small one. She used her sneakers to trample his dick and it was brutal and cruel to him that he had to apologize for having a small dick.

Mistress Mayhem had beef with this guy and she had to dominate him to teach him a lesson. He had to know that she was not someone to mess with. So she used her ass to smother and crush him. It was also a way to show him how little she thought of him and how he was a nobody to her. He was humiliated and got the message she was sending.

Mistress Jardena was angered by the way this guy behaved and she had to make sure he did not behave that way again. To make sure of that, she used her high heels as well as her bare feet to trample him and also to kick him. It was painful but she did not mind as that was what she wanted. The mistress slapped the shit out of him as well and that is how he learned his lesson.

This mistress had always wanted to have naughty fun with her friend so she enticed her with a game. She won the game and as per the agreement, she had to make her friend do what she wanted. She asked her friend to lick her feet and her friend did. She gave her instructions on how to do it and it slowly turned sensuous and it was a turn on for both of them and that is how they both tried girl on girl action.

Mistress Zephy loves to train but she always trains guys and slaves to do things to please her and not things to help them or that they can use productively. Today she used her sneakers to teach this slave to lick. She wanted him to be great at it so that he could lick her feet or in the rare occasions she was horny and wanted a quick cum, he could lick her pussy too.

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