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Goddess Nika took advantage of her hot ass to humiliate this guy. She knew that he had a thing for sexy asses and she had one so she used it to turn him on and also to control him. He liked what she did but he did not see what was coming as he found himself licking her feet as well as her sneakers. But at least he had been close to her ass, which he liked.

Mistress Gaia does not like any resistance when she is dominating a loser. That is why she chose to tie this one and then torture him. The mistress had a great time doing her thing and she even forgot why she was humiliating him. She used her feet to dominate him by trampling him and also forcing him to lick her feet as well as her heels. He did not have a choice.

Mistress Lena wanted to use her feet to dominate this loser. So she made him lick her bare feet and she had a great time torturing him for fun. The mistress did not have a reason to do it other than she felt like it. Her slave was confused as he knew she did such things when he had messed up but she did not remember how he had pissed her off.

Goddess Lena found out that this colleague of hers had the hots for her. She did not feel the same way towards him and she did not want to date or fuck him but since she was an adventurous mistress, she took it as an opportunity to have fun at his expense. So she teased him and then she got him to lick her bare feet then left him hanging.

Princess Serena used her sneakers to slap this guy into submission. He had been misbehaving and he did not heed her call to stop his behavior and change for the better. The mistress chose to throw him on the floor and the descend on him with her sneakers which she used to slap him before she trampled him. He felt pain and he did not want to piss her off further.

Mistress Amberleigh wanted some services from this guy's office but he was corrupt and he wanted a kickback. She was not ready to give it as she felt it was his duty and he was being paid for it. When he tried to frustrate her, she used her boots to stomp him after she had lured him to a secret location where he expected to get the bribe from her.

Mistress Valeria was seduced by these two girls who thought she was a lesbian and wanted to have a threesome with her. She had given them the vibe of being either a lesbian or a bisexual. But she was neither. She, however, did not correct them. She let them believe it and even invited them to her house where instead of the fun they expected to have, she turned them into foot slaves and made them lick her feet before she sent them away.

Mistress Natasha felt that this guy deserved a little pain. And she was ready and willing to do it. He provoked her a little more and she used her sneakers to teach him a lesson. He had to lick her soles and do all that she ordered him to do and he was scared enough to do it all without any question. And like she wanted, he never pissed her off again.

Goddess Nika did not appreciate how this loser tried to talk to her when she did not feel like it. So she turned to her best foot domination and she tortured him with her socks. He had to lick them and smell them as long as she wanted him to before she felt it was ok to let him go. He was humiliated and that is how he learned his lesson.

This mistress had all the time in her hands and she wanted information from this guy. So she did not hurry as she extracted it from her. She did it by making him lick her dirty boots. He had to lick the boots all over including the dirty soles. And she interrogated him as he did it and promised a worse punishment if he did not give her all info she wanted. He told her all she wanted to know.

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