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Goddess Lena found out that this colleague of hers had the hots for her. She did not feel the same way towards him and she did not want to date or fuck him but since she was an adventurous mistress, she took it as an opportunity to have fun at his expense. So she teased him and then she got him to lick her bare feet then left him hanging.

This mistress wanted to spend only 3 days but change her slave for good. So she went out and she came back with dirty slippers. The mistress then asked him to lick them clean. And she did so twice a day for the next three days and he was so humiliated and degraded that he did not want any more of it and he changed like she wanted him to.

Mistress Natasha felt that this guy deserved a little pain. And she was ready and willing to do it. He provoked her a little more and she used her sneakers to teach him a lesson. He had to lick her soles and do all that she ordered him to do and he was scared enough to do it all without any question. And like she wanted, he never pissed her off again.

Goddess Nika did not appreciate how this loser tried to talk to her when she did not feel like it. So she turned to her best foot domination and she tortured him with her socks. He had to lick them and smell them as long as she wanted him to before she felt it was ok to let him go. He was humiliated and that is how he learned his lesson.

This slave was condescending and lady Deluxe promised herself that she would nip it in the bud. She did not want to have such a slave in her house. So she went ahead and she used her high heels to trample and torture him as painfully as she could. He was in pain and scared as he did not know she was capable of doing that to him and he begged and cried for mercy.

Mistress Fox was not going to allow a guy who lived under her roof to be a dick to other people. He was not a dick to her because he feared her but he was to other people and she did not know until today. She was not going to excuse that sort of behavior so she punished him and did so cruelly. She cruelly forced him to lick her dirty and smelly feet and told him that was a warning.

Madame Marissa was not pleased with the quality of items she bought from this store. Some of the clothes she had bought had gotten torn in record time and she went back and she demanded to know why their clothes were low quality yet very expensive. When the store owner was rude to her, she used her smelly socks and her feet to torture him and teach him a lesson.

Mistress Lilly had never punished her slave in a long time and today she wanted to do it. She wanted to do it today as he had messed up and she wanted to do it with her bare feet. The mistress looked up all the ways she could torture with her feet and once she had settled on the ones she wanted to use, she went ahead and she terrorized him.

Mistress Flora and her friend were tired of their neighborhood con. They had come to know of his tricks and he could not con them anymore. But today he had gone ahead and conned someone else using their name. The mistresses were not pleased and they trampled him using sneakers to make him stop doing that. The con cried as they did it but they did not listen to him.

This mistress wanted to find out if a guy would still be turned on even if she was humiliating him. She chose to cruelly dominate him and do it in such a way that it was painful but a turn on at the same time. So she wore a bra and underwear only then she teased him and sat on his chest before spitting on her socks and making him lick them.

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