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Candy Blade never had a female slave before. She doesn't like other females so this will be her slave to torture when she is feeling aggravated. To train her slave, she runs through a list of things she will do to her. She orders her new slave to take her sneakers off and smell it. She knows it stinks and doesn't care. She orders her slave to lay down then puts her bare feet all over her face. She likes sticking her dirty toes in her new slave's mouth.

Alyzee's slave is waiting for her in the woods. When she arrives after a long jogging run she first tramples him under her sneakers before she takes them off and forces her slave to smell the stinky inside of the shoes. Of course her socks are sweat-soaked too and of course he has to smell them too!

After a long workout session, there is nothing better than letting a slave take part on the results! And those are really sweaty in that case. First mistress Cora gets out of her shoes and makes her slave smell them, then she puts her barefoot into his mouth to make him lick up her foot sweat. After that she continues by smothering his face with her sweaty ass...

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