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This pathetic slave has never got any attention from the opposite sex so he jumped on the request from these two hot ass blonde femdoms when they approached him. He didn't realize that he would have to become their slave. First they make him lick the bottom of their high heels before he is face trampled by their bare feet and wrapped in clear wrapping and stuffed in a cushion.

Going to the gym for these two Mistresses brings out their dark side. They are not at the gym to get in shape by using the workout equipment. They would rather use their sneakers to whip this guy into shape, using their toes to help him with tongue curls. Block out his vision to promote a better workout mind frame. After dealing with the two of them this guy will be ready for the best sexual workout ever

These two sadosisters are using shoe foot slave as part of their work out equipment as their bench is on top of him while they each take turns using their full weight to crush his body. They then take of their dirty sneakers and shove them in his face forcing him to worship their stinky shoes and sweaty feet as they continue to jump on the bench causing him pain.

The blonde SadoSisters have put on their really dusty boots for their slave to lick clean. He is on the floor at their feet while they tell him how undeserving he is of their attention. He obediently licks the soles of their boots and got the heels stuffed into his mouth. The even smother him by putting the tip of their dark boots over in his mouth and onto his nose. The reward for his obedience? He is spitted upon.

This guy though he could get a nice look on Leyla and Jane as they were in the toilet - but that was a fail! Those sado sisters already noticed that someone was there to peep on them. Now it's time to punish him. First they step on him, after that they keep trampling him with their full body weight and high heeled shoes on...

Mistress Layla and Sexy Jane are having a lot of fun torturing and punishing their slave under the shower. First they put some food on the ground, then they both crush and stomp it with their sexy shoes. After the food is crushed, they make the slave kneel on the ground and lick it all up.

The sadosisters have captured and kidnapped a guy who was stalking them in the past. Now it's time to punish him for being such a retard. Both girls bound his hands together and now they make him kiss and lick the leather of their shoes clean. He cannot resist or even move and follows all of their instructions. They even walk all over him with their full body weight but he has to take it all...

The sadistic sisters Layla and Jane simply love to trample and torture males and prepared this guy by binding his legs and arms so he can't move. They're both wearing high heel boots and start to trample him without a single sign of mercy. They even trample and kick him at the same time, dig their hard boot heels into his weak flesh and whip him over and over again.

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