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A sexy mistress with white leather boots is going to have her slave meet her in an alley on the street behind her favorite restaurant. She is going to make him get on the ground and lick all of the pineapple mix off the ground. The mix is so gross and has been pissed on. The slave will clean her boots and eat the mix off the ground.

These two dark haired mistresses try on their new knee high black high heeled boots! After trying them on, they make their slave boy get on all fours aiming to please. He must take each of their heels deep into his mouth, licking and swallowing all of the dirty and debri! This slave better be a good little boy or else these two goddesses will punish him even further on!

Danielle's the new boss of the company and her former boss is now her secretary! But Danielle wants him to do more than just secretary work! She instructs him to kneel down next to her desk and lick the soles and heels of her sexy high heels clean - and of course he does exactly as his new boss tells him!

Chanel's wearing her sexy black High Heels and tramples her slave underneath. But she not only tramples him - he also has to lick the shoes clean. But his mistress isn't satisfied so she tramples him even harder!

Mistress Lady Katja sits on her black leather couch as her slave is laying on the ground next to her feet. She is in a bad mood and angry too - her shoes are dirty so she makes her slave kiss them and clean them using his tongue. Over and over again she keeps rubbing her dirty soles along his face and laughs at him.

This guy is so helpless in love with feet and shoes that his wife planned to get quit of his fetish by overdoing it with her girlfriends. All girls are sitting on a table and making him lick up the dirt off their soles. And her performs all of their wishes. It seems that the therapy gone wrong - maybe it wouldn't be so bad to keep him as living shoe shine boy...

Mistress Katja and Lena sit on the couch and force their slave lying on the floor to clean their dirty high heels. He gets faceslapped every time he isn't doing it right!

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