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When lady Stefanie, mistress Reell and mistress Kim decided that they wanted to get some concessions from this guy, they decided that the best way to do it was to use their foot fetish to dominate him. The mistresses ensured that he was gagged and that he was choking before they had him lick and smell their feet. He cried and begged them to stop as he agreed to make the concessions.

Goddess Yasemin needed to make sure that this guy learned to respect her and to stay in his place. That is why she did what she had to do. It was a lot of fun for her and she did not hesitate to enjoy herself even as she dominated him. He did not see it coming and did not know that she was out to teach him a lesson. He was made to lick spit off her high heels as she and her friend watched.

Goddess Yasemin had a crush on her neighbor. He had a well built body and she loved it. She wanted to feel him inside her so she made it happen. She did this by inviting him to her house and teasing him for her own fun and enjoyment. The mistress knew that he would be turned on by what she did and indeed he was and that is how they fucked.

Goddess Yasemin has a nice ass. She likes to use it to tease and to lure guys to do naughty things for her. She did that today as she teased this guy and got him turned on. She likes it when guys are turned on because it is easier to control them. She then had him lick her feet and her sneakers after convincing him that it was her best foreplay.

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