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Goddess Nika did not appreciate how this loser tried to talk to her when she did not feel like it. So she turned to her best foot domination and she tortured him with her socks. He had to lick them and smell them as long as she wanted him to before she felt it was ok to let him go. He was humiliated and that is how he learned his lesson.

This mistress had all the time in her hands and she wanted information from this guy. So she did not hurry as she extracted it from her. She did it by making him lick her dirty boots. He had to lick the boots all over including the dirty soles. And she interrogated him as he did it and promised a worse punishment if he did not give her all info she wanted. He told her all she wanted to know.

Princess Serena's brother did not listen to her when she told him not to mess with her and her things. He always liked to cause a scene and since she had never done anything about it, he felt like he could do it and get away with it. But she had other ideas and she knew she had to punish him. She did so using her best foot domination by trampling him and teaching a lesson he had never been taught before.

When mistresses Bruna and mistress Jeh realized that their new slave was not hard working they decided to make him be hard working. So the mistresses used their best foot domination to do it. They went outside and soiled their feet then went back to the house and watched as he licked them clean. They felt it was not enough so they pushed his head into the toilet and made him drink toilet water.

Goddess Lena was new to best foot domination but no one would have known from the way she did it. She was relaxed and smoked as she ordered this loser on what to do and how to do it. She came across as a seasoned pro even though she was just trying it out. Her confidence was what made the difference for her. She loved it and decided to do it again and again.

Mistress Gaia did not want her slave to take anything for granted so she gave him a tour of her torture chambers. He did not know such a place existed in the house and he was shocked. He was even more shocked when she gave him a taste of what happened there. She stripped him naked, whipped him and then used her heels to trample him painfully. He never took anything for granted after that.

This slave was condescending and lady Deluxe promised herself that she would nip it in the bud. She did not want to have such a slave in her house. So she went ahead and she used her high heels to trample and torture him as painfully as she could. He was in pain and scared as he did not know she was capable of doing that to him and he begged and cried for mercy.

Mistress Fox was not going to allow a guy who lived under her roof to be a dick to other people. He was not a dick to her because he feared her but he was to other people and she did not know until today. She was not going to excuse that sort of behavior so she punished him and did so cruelly. She cruelly forced him to lick her dirty and smelly feet and told him that was a warning.

Mistress Gaia has sexy feet. But they are not just pretty to look at or even fuck for those who have a fetish for foot fucking. They are also deadly as this guy came to find out. He had pissed off the mistress and he refused to apologize. She used the same feet he admired to inflict pain on him and not only make him apologize, but also make him cry.

Madame Marissa was not pleased with the quality of items she bought from this store. Some of the clothes she had bought had gotten torn in record time and she went back and she demanded to know why their clothes were low quality yet very expensive. When the store owner was rude to her, she used her smelly socks and her feet to torture him and teach him a lesson.

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