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Mistress Katja has had a long day and needs to let off steam and what better way than indulging in some foot domination with her trusty foot slave. When it comes to foot worship he's the best and is ready to lay down at her feet as soon as she comes through the door, her high heels need a thorough clean and he makes light work of them with his tongue before she allows him the pleasure and humiliation of removing them and taking a deep sniff of her stinky feet through her stockings.

Mistress Katja has found someone to worship her sexy nylons. She gets comfortable on the couch, while allowing a subservient admirer to bask in the glory of the dark stockings that run up her lovely stems. He's lucky enough to get his nose all over those slender feet.

Mistress Katja stands in the hallway as her foot slave crawls over to her feet and begins to worship her high heels while enjoying a cigarette. This foot femdom then lets her slave lick and kiss her shoes before he removes them from her sweaty and stinky feet. This hot femdom then lets her slave smell her feet and lick her dirty soles clean and then kiss her bare feet.

Mistress Katja made a short walk. As she returns at her car, her slave is already waiting in a kneeling position for her. He opens the door, she sits down on the driver's seat and sticks her dirty sneakers right into his face. He licks them like she orders him. After that she gets out of her shoes to make him smell her socked feet! As reward he is allowed to lick her bare feet clean...

Mistress Lady Katja sits on her black leather couch as her slave is laying on the ground next to her feet. She is in a bad mood and angry too - her shoes are dirty so she makes her slave kiss them and clean them using his tongue. Over and over again she keeps rubbing her dirty soles along his face and laughs at him.

Mistress Katja sits on her Chair as one of her slaves is laying under her next to her gorgeous feet. This is a slave casting! She makes her applicant lick the bottoms of her black boots clean and laughs at her victim. She slaps his face with her sexy bare feet and makes him kiss and worship them in any thinkable way...

Mistress Katja sits on the sofa on her slave. He is wrapped in a carpet and totally delivered to her mercy. And she really enjoys having his head beneath her feet. First he is made to lick her sneakers clean. After that she smothers his face with her stinky socks and later she rests her bare soles right on his face and makes him worship them...

Mistress Lady Katja uses her high heel mules to trample her living carpet who's laying on the ground with his hands cuffed. She tramples him while she prepares herself for a date. She ignores him completely and walks all over him. Next she removes her shoes to trample him with her sexy bare feet. What a mistress...

Mistress Katja and her girlfriend are sitting on a sofa. Katja has told her girlfriend many times about you and your slave being - so she wants to introduce you. Her girlfriend is surprised, she has never seen a real slave. You have to worship them both by kissing, licking and sucking their dirty shoes clean...

Mistress Katja decides to watch a movie! But she wants to do it her way - that means she gets one of her slaves into the video-room. Makes him lay down on the ground, bound his hands and mouth and gives him a short trampling. After that she starts the tv, puts him on the sofa and takes place on his chest while she watches tv and ignores him totally...

Mistress Katja has bound her slave to the couch using ropes and put duct-tape on his mouth to force him to breath trough his nose. Now she forces him to smell both the soles and the inside of her well worn pink sneakers before he gets to smell the intense odor of her socks. In the end she takes off the socks too and makes him smell her bare feet after she presses the socks on his nose using her bare feet.

Mistress Katja and Lena sit on the couch and force their slave lying on the floor to clean their dirty high heels. He gets faceslapped every time he isn't doing it right!

Mistress Katja tramples her slaves hands with her cute pink high heels. He's hand-cuffed to a metal-pole at the pool so he has no chance but to endure the pain his mistress wants him to suffer. She tramples all over the front and back of his hands - sometimes using the sole of her high heels, sometimes the thin and sharp heel! Ouch!

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