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Mistress Maria orders you in her room. she has worn her sandals all day long. Now they are a bit smelly - so she wants you to licks and suck them clean for her. She shows you every sweaty spot just to command you to clean it with your tongue...

Miss Morganne tramples her slave with her full weight while wearing her extra high heels. She even jumps on his back and performs some brutal facestandings using her sharp heels! As reward she makes him suck her heels shiny.

Robin has her slave helpless lying in front of her on the ground. She wears her sneaker-socks and shoves them into his mouth! She makes him lick and suck the dirt off her socks. After that she gets ou off her socks to force her slave to worship her sexy bare feet with his tongue...

This one is awesome: Krista from Valentine Day 1, performs a wrestling session with her boyfriend on the valentine's day. After she overwhelmed, won and tied his hands together, she tortures and punishes him in a more sadistic way. Many facesitting, scissor and head-figure movements are performed...

Mistress Maria gets her slave kneeling in front of her. He has to wear sissy stockings to amuse her. Then she starts busting his balls with her leather boots. She kicks as hard as possible and after the slave falls down and rolls around in pain, she whips him and commands him to get up again. As he get up, she continues kicking and busting his balls - the more he cries the more she laughs...

Mistress Katja has bound her slave to the couch using ropes and put duct-tape on his mouth to force him to breath trough his nose. Now she forces him to smell both the soles and the inside of her well worn pink sneakers before he gets to smell the intense odor of her socks. In the end she takes off the socks too and makes him smell her bare feet after she presses the socks on his nose using her bare feet.

Lady Mistery has a present for the losers paying her luxury life - her stinky fluffy winter socks. She wore them all day long during a long shopping tour and as she's a grateful mistress she allows you to smell these stinky socks - and if you're a good behaving paypig you're maybe even allowed to take them off and massage her pretty bare feet.

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