Best Foot Domination - All about girls dominating slaves with their feet - Page 29

Alice is a young and very hot beauty. She loves having men under her control. In this case she forces her ex boyfriend to smell her stinky gross gym socks or otherwise she will go to tell anybody that he is a foot sucking pervert who loves to be dominated by women.

This beautiful young Mistress has overwhelmed her boss who's now lying on the ground beneath her shoes. She put one shoe on his chest to show off her victory pose while her girlfriend records everything. After she is done the blackmail game will start. She will force him to do anything she wants and there is no way for him to escape the slavery anymore.

Mistress Mikaila is a real brat. Only 18 years old but already sadistic and cruel mistress. When her slave arrives she's wearing her old converse sneakers and immediately orders him to lick the filthy soles clean. She hates wearing them with socks and the slave has to smell the intense foot odor when she takes them off and presses the inside of the shoe right on his nose. Of course he has to worship her sweaty bare feet too before he's allowed to leave!

Chanel's wearing her sexy black High Heels and tramples her slave underneath. But she not only tramples him - he also has to lick the shoes clean. But his mistress isn't satisfied so she tramples him even harder!

Lady Anja and Lady Andrea took their slave on a walk in the woods and when they arrive at a dirty construction site they order him to lick their boots clean. But he not only has to clean their sexy high heel boots - they also step on his hands with their heels and spit into his mouth. Just the right way to treat such a pathetic loser!

Princess Bridgette comes home from a sushi dinner her slave payed for and sits down on the couch. Immediately her loser slave starts to worship her shoes and smelly bare feet afterwards. As he brought her plenty of new cash she decides to give him something special as a reward. She takes the sushi leftovers and spits right on the food so her slave can eat the sushi refined with her spit!

This sweet young chick forces her boyfriend to worship her golden ballet flats in a bathroom. He has to lick the dirty soles of the shoes clean. But his mistress has more plans to humiliate him. She takes off her shoes and presses her stinky sweat-soaked nylons right on his face!

Mia and Luisa overpowered this guy and now have fun dominating and humiliating him. First they trample him under their sneakers and bare feet - sometimes together, sometimes only one of them, but later they prefer to verbally humiliate him while making victory poses on his body. They even take some photos with their cell phones so they can blackmail him later.

Alyzee's slave is waiting for her in the woods. When she arrives after a long jogging run she first tramples him under her sneakers before she takes them off and forces her slave to smell the stinky inside of the shoes. Of course her socks are sweat-soaked too and of course he has to smell them too!

Mistress Janina's ex-boyfriend is now her cuckold slave. He is addicted to her and didn't want to lose her. So she told him that he can stay but only if he agrees to become her cuckold-slave. Now he is laying on the ground with her shoes and bare feet on his face... A living humiliated footrest you can say. She kisses her new friend and laughs at her old one she has enslaved to her feet...

Mistress Katja made a short walk. As she returns at her car, her slave is already waiting in a kneeling position for her. He opens the door, she sits down on the driver's seat and sticks her dirty sneakers right into his face. He licks them like she orders him. After that she gets out of her shoes to make him smell her socked feet! As reward he is allowed to lick her bare feet clean...

Lifestyle Diva Maria makes her slave kneel on the ground in front of her as she commands him to get closer to her. She holds her dirty boots right into his face and makes him lick up all the dirt that is stuck on her soles. He puts out his tongue and starts his licking job. After her boots are clean she takes them off and makes him smell them...

Those four gorgeous brunettes are enjoying their slave who is kneeling in front of them right on the ground as they humiliate him by making him lick up the dirt right off their soles! Each girl gets her shoes cleaned very well by his tongue while the others scream out in laughter about his pathetic behave...

The Dark Mistress arrives back home with her very disgusting and dirty boots. They are totally covered with mud and dirt and the slave is already waiting to get his chance to lick them clean. But he didn't thought that he had to swallow it all down for her too - as he begins to protest she slaps and beats him until he agrees to do what she wants...

Mistress Lady Katja sits on her black leather couch as her slave is laying on the ground next to her feet. She is in a bad mood and angry too - her shoes are dirty so she makes her slave kiss them and clean them using his tongue. Over and over again she keeps rubbing her dirty soles along his face and laughs at him.

Lady Weronika has invited her girlfriend to show off her foot slave. She talked about him many times and now her girlfriend wants to see him herself. Both girls are sitting on the couch with their bare feet as Weronika calls out for her slave. As he enters the room he is made to lick to gorgeous women's feet clean...

Lady Maeva's sexy feet are tired. She has worn her deep red ankle boots all day long , now she enjoys having a relaxing break and fresh air on her feet. She makes her slave worship them as she commands him to. His tongue is her personal cleaning sponge.

This sampler contains of many FootWorship classic clips. There are awesome 34 Minutes of pure sexy foot fetish worship scenarios inside this clip. The most sexy girls are all up to be seen in action: debby, shiwa, princess, celine and many further girls to. Become addicted - become enslaved - that one is a must have for any foot fetishist out there.

The lifestyle diva is one of the most cruel Mistresses ever. In this clip you can see her wearing her black sexy boots as she walks all over her slaves hands. She makes them crack and as he cries and screams and also begs for mercy, she simply smiles and continues her evil torture.

This guy though he could get a nice look on Leyla and Jane as they were in the toilet - but that was a fail! Those sado sisters already noticed that someone was there to peep on them. Now it's time to punish him. First they step on him, after that they keep trampling him with their full body weight and high heeled shoes on...

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